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"In Justice For All, Patchell shows a rare perceptiveness into the psyche of human nature."

Someone is watching…

Just months from her college graduation, Elizabeth Holt is in love and her future is brighter than the sun. But all that changes when, after a romantic birthday with her fiancée, Elizabeth returns home, unaware a secret watcher has unimaginably horrible plans for her.

Left for dead . . .

Days after the attack, Elizabeth emerges from a coma, but she is irrevocably changed. Compelled to find her attacker and find justice, she goes down a dark path that forces her to choose between love and her obsession--not just for herself, but other survivors.


Justice or vengeance...

Elizabeth finally gets what she's been waiting for: the call that her attacker has been found. Now she has a choice: face the monster who could change everything she's fought for, or walk away and let him destroy her life a second time.

Justice for All is a prequel to the Holt Foundation Stories. Here's what reviewers have to say so far...

“In Justice For All, Patchell shows a rare perceptiveness into the psyche of human nature. She brilliantly brings out the vulnerabilities in all of us in her highly developed real, and believable characters while effortlessly shifting point of view to further reveal the intrigue of her story.” ~Eva L

“An emotionally charged and rewarding read!” ~ Olivia P.

“An emotional and compelling novella.” ~ Author Joseph Souza

"Heart-pounding, heart breaking, and completely worth the read!  ." ~ Melissa G.


“I am an avid reader of the Holt series and finally learning what makes Elizabeth Holt tick has been a satisfying journey indeed. Patchell has a gift of truly getting into the minds of her characters and conveying them in a stirring and emotional way." ~Julie


“A great read. Heartbreaking and suspenseful.” ~ Edward H.


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