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Finalist for ReadersFavorite Best Crime Fiction 

The Friday night bar fight in the small town of Sweet Home, Oregon didn’t get all that out of hand. Just a spoiled, drunk offspring of a big fish in the local pond, harassing an overworked bartender. Jonathan James—JJ—comes to her defense and ends up with slashed tires for his trouble. By morning, JJ will be dead. 


It was supposed to be police officer Lacey James’ day off, but murder investigations wait for no one. Everyone describes the victim as a good guy, new to town, which leaves Lacey wondering who would want him dead.


As Lacey searches for the motive behind the crime, nothing seems to fit. And with the list of suspects growing daily, Lacey and her partner, Eli Davidson, unearth a dark side to this close-knit community so stunning that it rocks Sweet Home to its core. Secrets begin to emerge telling a twisted story of their own—tales of jealousy, lies and revenge.


In their race to uncover the truth, can Lacey and Eli unmask the culprit before the killer strikes again?  

Trouble took a ride into the Sweet Home community, Oregon. Jonathan Jones, alias JJ, was at a bar hanging out when Jett Brady and his friends showed up. The group harassed the bartender, Harley Poole, and JJ defended her against his better judgment. Jett Brady was untouchable, as his father was a renowned local politician. However, things went south when Nicole, Jonathan’s girlfriend, found his body riddled with bullets in the home they shared. Detective Lacey James stepped in to investigate the murder, and every witness said JJ was a good man. So who killed him? Jett, a cheating girlfriend, an angry wife, an angry husband, or a blast from the past? Follow Lacey and her team as they find answers in Tell Her by Chris Patchell.

Tell Her: A Lacey James Series Book 3 by Chris Patchell was an enthralling tale of survival, family, grief, failures, successes, and revenge. Everything about this book appealed to me as it would do to lovers of crime thrillers and detective stories. Does karma exist? Could any sin go unpunished no matter the restitution? Tell Her was thought-provoking as I asked questions. This book also featured the struggles faced by career women, especially ones with spouses and kids. Is there such a thing as a work-life balance? Can women do it all?


This novel was action-packed and featured a brilliant heroine in Lacey. Amber caught my attention because she was a pillar for Lacey. I also loved the plot, development, and editing. Patchell showed her flair for beautiful storytelling with this captivating book. Please, write more.

~ Readers Favorite 5-Star Review

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