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Mostly Murder A Mystery Anthology Till Death

Who doesn’t love a good mystery?  


Elements of suspense and mystery are present in most stories, even those that fall into completely different genres. The need to know— to race through a book to the conclusion when all is finally revealed and every intricate plot point is unsnarled— is part of the joy of reading.  


Collected here are eleven mysteries; ten of them brand-new. We are proud to include a classic short by Lawrence Block, New York Times bestselling author and Mystery Writers of America Grand Master, who has spent decades crafting brilliant novels and clever short stories. Also featured in this anthology are two USA Today bestselling authors, another who received an Indie Reader Discovery Award and won the Kindle Scout contest for a publishing contract, and yet another whose books have been picked up by Kindle Press.  


Open this collection and plunge into the stories… some grim and bloody, some light and even a little bit funny. You won’t know what you’re getting until you reach the end of each cunning mystery.


Forsaking All Others (Chris Patchell)

A home invasion turns deadly for Mally and Jack Gardiner, whose rocky marriage is built upon a twisted bed of lies.

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