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2022 Next Generation Indie Book Award Winner! 

Save Her k.jpg

A deadly storm blowing in isn’t the only threat she faces.


A New Year’s Eve party is the perfect time for Audrey Drummond to reconnect with old friends and make resolutions that might turn her life around.


Going back to Sweet Home, Oregon is one step in her plan to get herself back on track. The friends she’s reconnecting with have all changed with time. No one more than her high school ex. What starts as a ride down memory lane ends up with Audrey abandoned on a mountain road. Bitter cold, black as sin, miles from help. Audrey is desperate to survive.


When the report of Audrey Drummond’s disappearance comes in, Officer Lacey James is called into action.


Time is running out, and the killer storm isn’t the only threat Officer James faces in the desperate quest to find to Save Her.

“A nonstop read. Pulse-pounding suspense all the way to the end!”

~ USA Today Bestselling Author, Audrey J. Cole 

“This was an intense book. I couldn’t put it down. This was the first book I’ve read by the author, but it won’t be the last!"

~  Amazon Reader Review 

“The plot is intense with danger, suspense, and hope for survival. The characters of Lacey and Caleb are strong but hesitant about their future.””

~ Goodreads Review 

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