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A simple heist at a hardware store uncovers a brutal crime spree leaving a police officer dead, several innocents murdered, and the small Oregon town of Sweet Home shaken to its core.

Veteran police officer Lacey James answers the call. The robbery suspect has fled, but the items she finds inside the car at the scene raise the hackles on the back of Lacey’s neck: a hammer, a tarp, zip ties, and a stolen gun. This discovery pushes her suspicions to an all-time high and has her questioning what dark and dangerous crimes this man may be involved in?

Eden Mills is smart, kind, and fun-loving. Not the kind to make enemies or run away. But Eden has a stalker, and when Lacey discovers that Eden is missing, possibly kidnapped, there is plenty of reason to fear the worst. As Lacey peels back the layers of the suspect’s crimes, her pursuit of the truth leads to unthinkable tragedy.

A colleague is dead. Her suspect isn’t talking. And time may be running out for Eden.

Can Lacey find her before one man’s obsession destroys more lives?

“If you enjoy reading high-stakes women’s detective fiction, and female police investigations then you’ll really love this one!”

~ Rukia Publishing US

“Nail-biting suspense and tension saturate this riveting tale of obsession and abduction. The unwavering determination and dedication of a local law enforcement officer is a bright light in this tale of dark psychopathy.”

~  Amazon Reader Review

“Patchell draws her characters with a sympathy and understanding that pulls you in and keeps you engaged throughout. Find Her is a page-turner.”

~ Roxx Tarantini VINE VOICE

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