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"An edge-of-your-seat suspense novel. It scared the hell out of me. Read it with the lights on!"

~ Robert Dugoni - Amazon #1 and New York Times Bestselling Author of Her Final Breath

Marissa Rooney stands in her daughter's empty dorm room, a half-used vial of insulin clutched in her trembling hand. Brooke has been missing for days. Her roommate hasn't seen her since that night in the bar. And if Marissa has Brooke's insulin, it means that Brooke does not.


But Marissa isn't alone in her terror. A phantom from her past is lurking in the shadows, waiting in the night, and holding her family captive in the dark.

"Certain to provide nightmares, IN THE DARK is a top-of-the-line spine-chilling thriller." ~ IndieReader Reviews


“There were a million other things I should have been doing while reading this book, but I literally could not put it down.” ~Amazon Reviewer


“Smartly written, fast paced novel. Patchell expertly turns a complex story with intersecting plot lines and cast of many into a satisfying, page turning thriller.” ~ Molly R.


“Patchell's characters are rich, deep, and true to life which makes this story so exciting, believable, and heart-rending. Chris Patchell is an author to watch, read, and follow!” ~ LeeAnn Jackson Rhoden


“Very moving story of love and fear!” ~ Carla M Tungate

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